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Fluorescent Signal Amplification

Tonsil labeled with Ki-67 antibody (Amplified)

Biocare’s Signal Amplification Reagent increases fluorescent signals 3 to 5-fold when used in combination with DyLight immunofluorescent detection kits. This increased sensitivity is perfect for identification of low abundance proteins as well as routine work. Amplify your staining intensity for nuclear, cell membrane, and cytoplasmic antigens with Biocare’s Fluorescence Enhancement Probe technology. For use on human tissue only.

  • 3 to 5-fold Signal amplification with Biocare DyLight Detection Kits
  • Superior to FITC and TRITC
  • Multiplex detection protocols

Ordering Information

Product Name Cat. No. Download
Fluorescence Enhancement Probe (for mouse primaries) FP002 G, H Data Sheet
Fluorescence Enhancement Probe (for rabbit primaries) FP003 G, H Data Sheet

Fluorescent Signal Preservation

Biocare’s anti-fade mountants and antibody diluents deliver superior performance and signal preservation. This innovative, liquid-based, anti-fade mounting medium is especially designed for the permanent preservation of fluorescent specimens. The protease-free antibody diluents stabilize fluorescent dyes for up to one month in a prediluted format.

Ordering Information

Diluents and Mountants Cat. No. Download
Fluorescence Antibody Diluent FAD901 H, L Data Sheet
Fluoro Care Anti-Fade Mountant FP001 G5, G10 Data Sheet

Fluorescent DyLight™ Detection Kits

Rat spinal cord labeled with an antibody combination of GFAP (DyLight 488) + Microglia (DyLight 549) and detected with a secondary combination of goat-anti-mouse 488 and goat-anti-rabbit 549

Biocare DyLight fluors are a family of high-intensity, photostable, conjugated fluorescent dyes for immunofluorescent studies. DyLight dyes exhibit comparable fluorescence intensity and photostability to Alexa Fluor® and CyDyeTM dyes. Biocare fluors remain highly fluorescent over a broad pH range (pH 4-9). Narrow emission spectra enable multi-color detection by minimizing cross talk.

DyLight detection is provided as concentrated secondary anti-mouse or anti-rabbit antibodies. Biocare’s fluorescent signal amplification reagent may be added to the standard DyLight detection kit to greatly increase the signal.

Increased photostability allows more time for collaborative interpretation of results.

  • Proven on paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and frozen tissues as well as cell culture preparations
  • Spectrum and photosensitivity equivalent to Alexa Fluor® 488, 546, and 555
  • Room temperature photostability of > 30 days. Experiments may be performed in the light
  • Advanced mountants simplify slide handling compared to PBS glycerol, while retaining non-toxic attributes
  • Unique animal tissue blocking and antigen retrieval products reduce background
  • Ideal for free-floating sections, allowing thicker tissue sections (40 microns) than frozen or FFPE

Ordering Information

DyLight™ Immunofluorescent Detection Kits Cat. No. Download
Goat Anti-Mouse DyLight 488 (diluent included) FDM488 AK, CK Data Sheet
Goat Anti-Rabbit DyLight 488 (diluent included) FDR488 AK , CK Data Sheet
Goat Anti-Mouse DyLight 549 (diluent included) FDM549 AK, CK Data Sheet
Goat Anti-Rabbit DyLight 549 (diluent included) FDR549 AK, CK Data Sheet
Goat Anti-Mouse DyLight 594 (diluent included) FDM594 AK, CK Data Sheet
Goat Anti-Rabbit DyLight 594 (diluent included) FDR594 AK, CK Data Sheet

DyLight™ is a trademark of Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc.
CyDye™ is a trademark of Amersham Biosciences.


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