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A simple in situ hybridization technology using proprietary DNA
probes for rapid visualization of mRNA target expression.

  • Rapid – Results in approximately 2.5 hours
  • Simple Procedure – 5 step protocol is as simple as IHC
  • Sensitive – Proprietary DNA technology designed for enhanced sensitivity & specificity
  • Easy – Simultaneously evaluate gene expression and tissue morphology
  • Archivable – Chromogenic signal is stable for extended storage

The RISH™ probe technology, enables extremely stable hybridization with the mRNA target, resulting in a more abundant signal and conferring highly specific staining.

The protocol has been simplified by removal of the overnight hybridization, requirement for RNase free solutions, labware and harsh stringent wash conditions resulting in a procedure that is completed in approximately 2.5 hours.

The result is clear, with virtually no background; the chromogenic signal is easily visualized under brightfield microscopy, along with the tissue morphology on a single slide.

RISH Protocol Overview


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